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Sep 11, 2020

The Mysterious 4am: Big Plans for Kansasfest, The Wrong Bar at the Wrong Time, The Mysterious History of 4am, I'm Fine.

No car accident is going to stop me from recording an episode! Also, you get to hear my voice modulate differently for slides and video that don't exist.

The description for "The Mysterious History of 4am" from the Kansasfest program:|

International Cracker of Mystery 4AM is not just a hero, a teacher, an inspiration; they're also an indication of the heights the art of software engineering can achieve. Let's walk it all through. Jason Scott, recently voted “Least Likely to Be 4AM” but also voted “Most Likely to Work at the Internet Archive” presents historical work of 4AM, introduces the audience unaware of the scope of 4AM's work to what has gone on over the past few years, and hopes to bring the hundreds of new visitors to Virtual Kansasfest just what they have been missing.