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Jan 29, 2018

The Games Episode: My First Arcade, Fun With Machines, Home Computers, Wumpus, Kat and Mouse, Commodores and Apples and IBM PCs, Connectivity, Joy, A Road Rash Moment, My Favorite Type of Game, Games Forever.

Jan 19, 2018

Public Speaking: The Iron Sheik, No Stage Fright, A Rat for Office, Presentations, Tips for Talks, TED is Fake, In Your Head Lover, A Five Minute Offer

Heavily going into my thoughts on public speaking so this episode is longer than usual. I've talked about presentations and why I think they're important here and there,...

Jan 12, 2018

A New Year and a New Season. The Process. Bamiga Sector 1. Apple II Tables. Provenance. Notation. A 14-Year-Old's Classification. An Unborn Collaborator. 

The Bamiga Sector 1 Project I mention has a homepage here: