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Jun 13, 2022

The Boundary Check Episode: Why I Like Frameworks, Limits, The Edge of What I Thought Computers Could Do, ASCII and High Code, Magic Tricks, A Non-Existent Friend, Custom Sprites and Characters, Frames, Boxes, Music, Art, Being Comfortable In The Box, Being Aware of the Box, Finding a New Box. Also: Explaining the NES.


May 30, 2022

The WJST Episode: Airchecks, Mike Schweitzer, Special Days, Radio Transition, The Discovery of WJST, Songs in the Air, Rubber Tubes, Reel to Reels, Baking, Digitization, The Miracle Flight of Jet Radio Audio, Jet Music Everywhere. And: Justifying The App.

Some discussion of WJST radio, a collection of easy listening...

May 23, 2022

The Wonderswan Episode: A Little Extra Free Time, 35 Minutes, The Wonderswan's Story, Boring Emulation, Vertical/Horizontal, The Extra Work, Joy From Obscurity, The Perfect Grey Market, Hashes and Dumps, The Joy to Play.

Announcing the Wonderswan collection at which has...

May 6, 2022

The Severance Fox Episode:  Two Media Experiences. Puzzle Fox, Zelda Not Zelda, Bewilderment, Ancient Instructions, Severance, Offices, Eero Saarinen, T. J. Watson, Visitation, Hallways, Warrens, Fonts, Machines.

An acknowledgement of two modern media experiences I've had that push back through childhood and memories,...

May 3, 2022

The Compuserve Miracle Episode: Keeping Secrets, Compuserve's Place, Incredible Ads, The Cost, Dinner Jacket, How a Teenager Got On, The Miracle That Is No Longer a Miracle, Hints and Rumors, The Big Announcement.

Regarding a bounty of Compuserve that has fallen (partially) into my hands, and what Compuserve means to me.