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Jason Scott Talks His Way Out of It

Jun 2, 2019

The Blorb Episode: Ingestion of the Archive, The Library Goal, Some Odd Books and Items, The Blorb.

Some links of items I mentioned:

Apr 29, 2019

The Infocom Source Code Episode: The Specialness of Infocom, The Craft, The Z-Machine, Z-Machine Glories, Full Sentences and Every Platform, GET LAMP, The Infocom .ZIP File, A Release, Stu Galley, Github, The Clones and Branches, Steve and Kevin have a chat.

An episode about the release of the Infocom Source Code on...

Mar 3, 2019

The Christopher March and Heimdall Episode: Losing Chris March, Getting Hired For Doing The Wrong Thing, Scripting and Scripting Languages, The Boundaries of Scripting, DUMPTRUCK, Heimdall, Heimdall's Secret, A Memorial Moment with Pat.

An episode about Chris March, who I worked with at the beginning of my UNIX Career,...

Sep 26, 2018

The Commodore 64 Emulator Episode: I missed the C64, a Commodore Announcement, VICE and a Difficult Birth, Sgeo to the Rescue, An Hour at the Scollans, Demoscene, A Depth of History, What Happens Upon Announcement.

Thanks to everyone, Sgeo especially, for all the work they've put into the project behind this episode's...

May 1, 2018

The Psygnosis Episode: The First Support Call, Life as a Support Tech, The Dream, The Inside View, Playstation Gossip, Psygnosis Gossip, Mail Call, A:, Blotter, Shrinkwrap, Rest in Peace.

Thanks to everyone who contributes through the Patreon and other sources! It makes an enormous difference in my life. 

I run the...