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Oct 26, 2020

The Past Future Episode: A Hospital Visit, Audio Formats, Speaking Without Knowing, Wozniak and Jobs, Exercised, Technology Designs, The Best Isn't What Wins, Factories and Factors, Cheap and Expensive.

Thanks to Scotty Deepgeek Fitzgerald for the idea. (And the visit.)


Oct 19, 2020

The File Format Wiki Episode: An Awful Failure, A Tremendous Success, An Acknowledgement of a Poor Idea, Just Solve One Problem, Easy Not Hard, Field vs. Forest, What is a File Format Anyway, 2012 Turned Into 2013, The Forever Problem, A Format Mirror, The Great Success of Failure.

Thanks to Dan Tobias for the idea of...

Oct 12, 2020

The Green Room Episode: Public Speaking, Green Rooms, Quiet Before 15, School Announcer, DEFCON, Jeff Moss' Room, Webstock, XOXO, SXSW, Confrontations, A Long Overdue Hug.

This episode comes from an idea by Chris Erlanson.

Sep 30, 2020

Curt Vendel.

Curt's 2003 BBS Documentary appearance:

Curt at the 2019 VCF Festival:

Curt and Marty's book:

Sep 28, 2020

The Typewriter Episode: It Was Supposed To Be Magazines, Elaine and the Boxes, Floor to Ceiling, Tytell Typewriter, Sorting and Divisions, Books and Ephemera and Golden Pallets,  The Typewriter Business, Peter's Last Wishes, A Project Ahead. Also: Battery Danger and Write Me 20 Times.

An episode about how a simple...