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Mar 30, 2022

The New Generation of Sorting Episode: A New Feature Lands, A Rediscovery of My Love of Sorting, Pulp Fiction Redux, The Approach and the Result, A Teenager's Categories, The Next Mountains, The Reason Behind it All.

A rumination of the act of sorting and presentation, and remembering why I do this.

Mar 23, 2022

The 75 Bad VHS Tapes Episode: A Simple Review, A Horrible Revelation, Diagnosis, Determination, A Crossroads, Volunteer Rescue, The Solution, The Forward Moving, An Iterative Process.

A story of a terrible mistake found by random, and the efforts to unravel the knot.

To enjoy some fansubs with goodsound:

Mar 16, 2022

The Mini-Appler Episode: A Classroom Epiphany, Beautiful Boot, 612 BBSes, Safehouse, Midwest Pirates' Guild, Gods Among Us, BBS Documentary, A Living Room Interview, The Art of Luding, Applesauce, A Day Late, The Golden Wake.  

A full interview with MPG is here:


Mar 11, 2022

The HarvardNet Redux Episode: HarvardNet Memories, Fraud and Deceit, The Wonder of a Datacenter, Tiles and Carpet, Loud and Cold, Remote at Any Cost, A Difference of a Year, Smiles and Grimaces, HarvardNet's Doom, See Ya, Pal.

A rather ramshackle and rambunctious episode in memory of a wild friend now lost.


Mar 7, 2022

The Blender Episode: Learning Blender, Doing Nothing, 3D Studio, The Raytraced Canvas of My Yore, A Canvas In Time, Capsela, Knobs and Tubes, The Tools I Now Have, Boom Box, The Missing Imagination.

Less a review than a set of thoughts of my interactions with Blender, the free 3D Program now at version 3.0.