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Feb 27, 2020

The Dad Question Episode: A Simple Question, Why Did The Internet Archive Even Happen, What Even Is All This, The Infinite Growth, What Data Really Is, The Handfuls Taken From The Ocean, Towards the Future.

A simple question from my Dad forces me to explain how we got into this mess and how we're going to have to keep...

Feb 18, 2020

The Other Arcade Episode: The Dream Machine, Bad Real Estate, What Happened to Arcades, The Places I'd Seek, Lake George, Childhood Gone, Quassy Park, My Short-Lived Vending Machine Idea, Organized Crime, Barcadians, No Documentary, Except a Documentary, Dream Machine.

Another episode covering arcades, but I wanted...

Feb 7, 2020


Feb 2, 2020

The Ingestion and Loss Episode: Winter Floppy Boxes, Kansasfest 2019 Flux Party, The Levels of Floppies, Screen Shotgun has Menu Awareness, Why Even, The Death of the Artist, Randy Suess, Laughing Squid's Photo Policy.

A few thoughts on imaging floppies, and never knowing who will take care of your stuff after you.