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Oct 9, 2023

The Mister Jangles Option Episode.

In which your ol' pal Mister Jangles throws you a possible lifeline.

Sep 18, 2023

The Monotony Episode: My Boring Day, The Crushing of Monotony, How I've Always Adored Repetition, Engagement and Disengagement, Long-Form Information, Temporary Domain Expert, Advice on Handling Monotony, A Web of Friends. Plus: THE ANALYTICS.

Some thoughts about handling long form repetition, considering that's all...

Sep 11, 2023

The Arcade Documentary Arcade Interview Episode: Getting Down to Union Bridge, Eric and Stephanie, Zach, ARCADEDOCUMENTARY.COM, Being The Dream Interview, Always The Last, A Closing Moment.

Thoughts as I do an interview for the Arcade Documentary being done by Zach Weddington, "Arcade Dreams" (also called "Arcadia" in...

Aug 21, 2023

The Amusement Park Defunctland Episode: Listening to too much Defunctland, Lessons Learned from the Amusement Park Historians, The Unique Situations of Roller Coasters, The Common Threads, The Lessons and Inspirations.

A bit of a love letter to Kevin Perjurer's Defunctland series, a youtube series which brings...

Jul 21, 2023

The Atari Hotel Episode: The Atari Hotel, Bought and Bought and Bought and Bought, The Concept Drawings, The Drawn-Out Death of Atari, Livery, Hotels, Entropy, Concepts, A Breath of a Seed, The Real Atari Hotel.

As of this writing, the Atari Hotels are still being advertised at

I took photos...