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Sep 29, 2021

The PCs I Have Known Episode: Emotion vs. PCs, Our First IBM 5150, Dining Room, Word Processing, Dawn Surprise, Two Room Perfection, Out of the House, Focus PC, Hand-Delivered BIOS, More Plastic, LAN Party, DEFCON PC, A Faithful Set of Horses.

Some thoughts on PCs that have been a part of my life. I definitely use them...

Sep 22, 2021

The Directions Episode: Possibilities, A Monster, Where It Goes Wrong, The Choices Made and the Hardest Choice of All, Why Patreon Works, Why Youtube Wouldn't, A Likely Mentor.

I've made this offer in various ways before, but I am always up for being a voice in a project for anyone working on something that you think...

Sep 15, 2021

The Individual Incorporated Episode: A Simple Temp Job, A Strange Office, Off-White Shirt, Packed to the Gills, Postage Paid Envelopes, The Business, Two Full Shifts, Personalized News, Rubber Gloves.

One of my shorter temp jobs gives me insight into a world before it becomes commonplace (and before machines do all...

Sep 8, 2021

The Multi-Culti-Level Episode: Two Boxes of Tapes, Concentrated Evil, Organized Groups and Our Nature, A Concert and a Phone Call, Innoculation, Cynical Forever, What I Look Out For, A Hard-Won Allegance, The Tapes, The Fundamental Pitch, What We Gain, What the World Will Be.

That time that two large boxes of...

Sep 4, 2021

The Limited Time and Structure Episode: Aching Muscles, Third Time's the Charm, Statins, Liver, Changes, Unlimited Resources to Limited, Choices, Discordant and Structured Living, No More Documentaries, Counting Pennies, Every Moment.

A meditation on how structure affects my life differently than it used to.