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Mar 1, 2019

The Cowicature Episode: I Needed the Money, Two Pens and Paper, Sketch the Cow, Harvard Square, Territories, No Woman No Cry, What Caricatures Are, Very Little Udder Assault, The Clown, Street Vendor Shutdown.

I spent a couple summers doing caricatures for money out as a street performer. Here's my thoughts on that. Before anybody asks, this sort of skill atrophies incredibly quickly, so I can't do it any more (people have tried to get me to do it). I took the time that would have been spent on my artist game and moved into movie making and computers, and while it's sad I let that talent go, I did some other good stuff with it!

I idly looked up how street performing did after we got flushed out, and it turns out that this year, this year, they just changed the rules and policies regarding performing and fees and technically, I could start up again! (But I'm not going to: Kind of busy.)