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Jun 11, 2020

The Conspiracy Episode: Conspiracy Love, 1985 and Annette Arky, Playboy, Comics, Underground, Deep Underground, Ninjas, Guns and G-Files, The Muffin File, The Comfort of Conspiracy, The Mechanism of the World, The Dark Byways, A Friend Forgotten.

I mention Da Muffin Papers, you can browse them here:

The event I'm speaking of at the end is Heroku's Waza year 2013. My talk, "Time Travel from 2100: A Kit" is viewable at

A 2003 Loompanics Catalog:

Loompanics and Paladin Press were the classic go-to for "Underground Publishing" although I had a number of others I got in the mail.

Both these organizations had FBI files, released in 2011: