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Jason Scott Talks His Way Out of It

Jan 19, 2018

Public Speaking: The Iron Sheik, No Stage Fright, A Rat for Office, Presentations, Tips for Talks, TED is Fake, In Your Head Lover, A Five Minute Offer

Heavily going into my thoughts on public speaking so this episode is longer than usual. I've talked about presentations and why I think they're important here and there,...

Jan 12, 2018

A New Year and a New Season. The Process. Bamiga Sector 1. Apple II Tables. Provenance. Notation. A 14-Year-Old's Classification. An Unborn Collaborator. 

The Bamiga Sector 1 Project I mention has a homepage here:

Dec 29, 2017


With the close of the year comes the exciting prospect of how next year's taxes will be handled. Naturally, I'll be having an accountant help me. I bring this up as I have multiple times in the past because I've run into a number of people who have tax issues who are some sort of ashamed that they're experiencing...

Dec 18, 2017

The Internet Archive Grab Bag: Another Week Online, The Archive Building, The Verifications, The Ups and Downs, The Narrative, Patreon Fail, PODCAST.TEXTFILES.COM, Building Pride and Love, Teeth, Thanks.

Recorded on the office floor of the Internet Archive, I went for a grab bag of random thoughts, so this episode is...

Dec 8, 2017

When the Door Rolls Up, The Last Cache of Commodore, One More Time About the Manuals, Rusted Amigas, Money Money Money, The Meaning of it All.

A pleasant enough essay about the nature of piles of "stuff" I get offered or that fall into my lap. Why does this happen? What are my thoughts on it? Here's a good starting...