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Jan 11, 2020

The RTTY Art Episode: A Word About Loss. Meeting John Sheetz. RTTYs. RTTY Artwork. The Magic of RTTY Art. Sunday Nights. Interviewing John Sheetz. Gone Before the End. Typewriter Art. A Living Room of Artwork. Overstrike and Multi-Column. Epson MX-80. A Fading Work. After John is Gone. Timeless RTTY. A Printer As Easel.

I may have mentioned John Sheetz in an episode before, but I certainly didn't go into all the elements of the RTTY artwork and world he was a part of. It was nice to finally get all of that out in one place.

Photos from my interview with John Sheetz.

The Full Video Interview with John Sheetz.

RTTY Art Made Easy by Don Royer, WA6PIR

The Story of the Typewriter, 1873-1923. 

Marcin Winchary's incredible collection of typewriter artwork books (as well as many other type and typewriting works). 

The RTTY.COM collections of RTTY Art and Related History. (The Gold Standard) 

The TEXTFILES.COM collection of RTTY Art