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Feb 18, 2020

The Other Arcade Episode: The Dream Machine, Bad Real Estate, What Happened to Arcades, The Places I'd Seek, Lake George, Childhood Gone, Quassy Park, My Short-Lived Vending Machine Idea, Organized Crime, Barcadians, No Documentary, Except a Documentary, Dream Machine.

Another episode covering arcades, but I wanted to approach this important-to-me subject through an alternate thread. I wanted people to know that now points to a project called ARCADIA, which I'm supporting as a replacement for what I'd been intending to do with my own film.

Carly Kocurek, who was interviewed for my film, came out with a book you might have missed called COIN OPERATED AMERICANS, the page for which is here:

In the episode, I don't mention Lyons Pinball, which of all the public arcades (there were a few private ones I also liked), I found the most charming, and the most lovely. Here's their website (they're in Lyons, Colorado), and they are still the only place in the world you can consistently play one of the ultra-rare JOUST two-headed pinballs machines (less than 500 were ever made).

Besides my URL, here's the official URL for Arcadia:

Do you need to know about Quassy Amusement park?

The Wikipedia article of Quassy is currently more useful:

It's the internet, so there's pages about the Dream Machine in Poughkeepsie (the other one in my area, besides the one I went to at Dutchess Mall), and it even has photos of what I'm talking about:

All hail arcades!