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Apr 29, 2019

The Infocom Source Code Episode: The Specialness of Infocom, The Craft, The Z-Machine, Z-Machine Glories, Full Sentences and Every Platform, GET LAMP, The Infocom .ZIP File, A Release, Stu Galley, Github, The Clones and Branches, Steve and Kevin have a chat.

An episode about the release of the Infocom Source Code on Github. It's currently available on the HistoricalSource collection there: 

The ZIL Language is now having a little renaissance and I hope to see some actual games come out of it. Until then, I'm not kidding - type in the name of any Infocom game and you can probably be playing it within seconds.

I recommend a walk through the document Steve Meretzky wrote at Infocom to explain the ZIL source code here: 

Here's the video of the chat with Steve and Kevin: