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Jan 17, 2020

The Halo Outpost Discovery Episode: My Pal Kyle, Halo Doubles, A Halo Outpost, Chicago, The Idea of a Halo Convention, Mortal Kombat Side Quest, How It Was Done in Chicago, An Empty Hall, Corners and Booths and Stages, Vendors and Library, VIP Access, AR Halo, Caddyshack and the Murray Family, Goth Caddyshack, Halo Fun, Final Thoughts, You Ruined Doubles 343.

This year I attended a Halo-themed convention being held at various times around the country, and now you know how it was like. I call it Halo Waypoint the whole episode because that's what the App you used to walk around was like, but Halo Output Discovery is the true and actual name. You'll get it.

Halo Outpost Discovery site:
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Kyle in the Quiet Place:

Halo VIP Lounge: