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May 24, 2019

The Conference Episode: A Question by Jim Richardson, Gatherings, The Idea of a Conference, Why It Took Forever For Me To Attend a Conference, Why Conferences are Hard, Oh Yes The Question, Virtual Conferences, ConfCon, Why We Go, 1.2 Million of 2 Billion, Thanks MuseumNEXT and ACMI.

An episode that's answering a question Jim Richardson of Museum NEXT posited, which I thought everyone should listen to, and also my bigger thoughts on what conferences are about as well as personal history behind a few of them.

I mentioned ConfCon was online. What I should say is that ConfCon WAS online, then the sites went down, and I thought I had them on but I don't easily see them, so then Famicoman to the rescue and they're both on Internet Archive:

That was a close one!