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Sep 22, 2019

Mr. Hernandez: Kit Computers, Plastic Cases, Malls, Computer Stores. Brewster's dim days, Mr. Hernandez' Store, Plastic Bags, The Rules of Talking,  Preppie! Avalon Hill, Scott Adams Adventures. The Bright Line. Flaking Out, Fading Away.

Preppie! is playable at the Internet Archive:

Preppie's Wikipedia entry:!_(video_game)

The original book that started the preppie craze was "The Official Preppy Handbook" by Lisa Birnbach. (1980).

The illustrator for the Preppie! game was Scott Ross, who's still around and still in business:

The Avalon Hill Game I bought was Dnieper River Line. A playable version is here, although playable is relative without all the cardboard pieces:

Further information on Dnieper River Line is here:

I am reasonably sure the Scott Adams adventure game I played was Adventure #4: Voodoo Castle. It's playable here:

(I didn't have the graphics version, though.)