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Nov 9, 2017

Jason Scott Talks His Way Out Of It: A weekly podcast series about stories, technology, nostalgia, wonder, and more stores. Hosted by Jason Scott of TEXTFILES.COM.

The Dark Episode: Applejack, Rage, A Full Mailbox, Getting Better, The Best Life, Debt Unchained.
Like, I bet, most everyone out there, not every part of my life has been 100% great. I decided to just pack all that negativity (especially teenage years) into one episode so we can move on to more fun stories. This was definitely a hard episode to record and a harder one to shape into a cohesive whole. I'm glad I did it, but I look forward to more about beeps, boops and laughter.

This podcast is supported by a Patreon at Jason can be followed at and you are perennially invited to visit his website, TEXTFILES.COM.