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Dec 18, 2017

The Internet Archive Grab Bag: Another Week Online, The Archive Building, The Verifications, The Ups and Downs, The Narrative, Patreon Fail, PODCAST.TEXTFILES.COM, Building Pride and Love, Teeth, Thanks.

Recorded on the office floor of the Internet Archive, I went for a grab bag of random thoughts, so this episode is very, very loose. I also didn't have my pop shield out here, so apologies to your speakers. I mention the Patreon stupid and also offer PODCAST.TEXTFILES.COM as the secure central information and donation vector for this podcast going forward. It has been quite the ride watching support drop and return for this Patreon, and I don't need more uncertainty in my life, thanks.

Opinion seems to float that people would like an interview show or similar, but I'd probably make it a bonus, because it would be different than this format, and notably longer. We'll see when that happens, but it's on my mind.

Next episodes will be much less miscellaneous, but it felt great to talk about it all. Thanks for riding along.