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Dec 8, 2017

When the Door Rolls Up, The Last Cache of Commodore, One More Time About the Manuals, Rusted Amigas, Money Money Money, The Meaning of it All.

A pleasant enough essay about the nature of piles of "stuff" I get offered or that fall into my lap. Why does this happen? What are my thoughts on it? Here's a good starting overview of this aspect of history.

I will say that the Great Patreon Stumble of 2017 has encouraged me to decentralize this podcast and contributions, which I bet will be good for me in the long run - so there's a silver lining.

More than a few people are asking me to consider adding interview episodes to this podcast. I'd honestly like to ask you all what you think of that. I assume it'd be me and someone interesting talking for an hour, and then turning that into something smooth. It sure wouldn't be 20 minutes, and I am of the opinion it's basically another whole type of show. Maybe a bonus scattered here and there? I just don't see how it fits in the format and folks who like the sub-30-minutes running time will find themselves really behind. Well, let me know.